The Wonderous World of Flat Timothy
So the story goes, that Dr. Tim had a tragic keyboard accident.  One day during rehearsal, while bending over to grab a bottle of water, his keyboard stand gave way, plummeting the actual keyboard on top of a very surprised Dr. Tim. SQUASH!  And thus was born, Flat Timothy.  (We're not saying that actually happened, but we're not not saying it either.)

Flat Timothy now travels the world visiting fans, going on adventures with them, getting his picture taken, and of course receiving some rather odd looks from those who are not yet privy to the wonderous phenomenon that is, Flat Timothy.

Follow the adventures of Flat Timothy on the T Culler FaceBook fanpage, or at 

You can have a chance to take Flat Timothy on an adventure of your very own! Going on a mission trip?  Going to an incredible concert?  African Safari?  Summer School?  Don't go alone! Take Flat Timothy with you!   It's EASY!!!  Just send an e-mail to to request dates for Flat Timothy to visit YOU!  All you have to pay is the shipping to get Flat Timothy to his next destination!  He will be mailed to you free of charge.  And then of course, we will post your pix and adventurous stories with Flat Timothy on the websites! 

Okay... Who wants a visit from Flat Timothy this summer?

Any donations given to Flat Timothy will be given to Rutledge House, an intricate part of the T Culler Homeless Initiative.  The TCHI was founded in 2008 by Dr. Tim Bennett and his wife, Teri, who have made easing America's homeless crisis a personal priority in their lives.  The TCHI has helped many men who have struggled with the deepest of life's pains; the kind of change that can only come through the pure love of Jesus Christ.  To donate to TCHI directly please send an e-mail to:

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